1. Extreme PamplonaExtreme Pamplona Play 'Extreme Pamplona'
  2. Monkey Kick OffMonkey Kick Off Kick the ball as far as you can!
  3. School Yard PilotSchool Yard Pilot Design your paper plane and aim for the blackboard!
  4. Ice SlideIce Slide Catapult your favourite polar animal as far as you can.
  5. Dirk ValentineDirk Valentine Save Europe from the Evil Baron Battenberg!
  6. Digital SwitchDigital Switch Switches the bots around to collect the colored coins.
  7. Canyon ShooterCanyon Shooter Fight your way through the canyons taking out the enemy on the way down.
  8. MoonshadowMoonshadow Do you have what it takes to become a Super-Spy?
  9. Mister EasterMister Easter Use your handy trampoline to get as many eggs into the egg baskets.
  10. Sportbike SprintSportbike Sprint Get on your sports bike and race flat out to win!
  11. Youda CamperYouda Camper create your camp site and become the best campsite owner in the world
  12. Off The RailsOff The Rails Navigate your handcar safely.
  13. National TreasureNational Treasure Help Ben Gates climb the treacherous cavern!
  14. Pebble DashPebble Dash Throw the pebble as far as you can!
  15. Movie MunchiesMovie Munchies Help Stella serve the customers as fast as possible.
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