1. Base JumpingBase Jumping Base jump over 5 rounds to challenge the King.
  2. Free WheelsFree Wheels Perform crazy stunts to gain points!
  3. Pressure ShotPressure Shot Can Europe hold up under the pressure in the 2004 Ryder Cup?
  4. Sportbike SprintSportbike Sprint Get on your sports bike and race flat out to win!
  5. Trials 2Trials 2 Navigate the obstacles in the quickest time possible!
  6. Golf Ace HawaiiGolf Ace Hawaii Choose your opponent and tee up for 9 holes of challenging golf!
  7. BaseballBaseball It is bottom of the ninth; rally your team to win the game with only 3 outs left
  8. Tropi GolfTropi Golf Choose your monkey and take to the trees for a round of Tropi Golf!
  9. Tennis Grand SlamTennis Grand Slam Win all the major tournaments and become the grand slam champion!
  10. Power SoccerPower Soccer Challenge the World in a game of Football/Soccer.
  11. Samsung FootballSamsung Football Score as many points as you can in two minutes, with tricks and special moves!
  12. Wakeboard ProWakeboard Pro Ride the waves and show off your wakeboarding skills!
  13. Deluxe PoolDeluxe Pool Speed and accuracy are what you need to succeed. Have you got what it takes?
  14. Monster TruckMonster Truck Crush cars and perform incredible stunts in this monster truck thriller.
  15. The AshesThe Ashes Destiny is in your hands as you try to claw back a victory from the jaws of defeat.
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